To help our users understand best our processing times and when their pending transfers will complete, we've put together the most frequently asked questions below. 

Operating hours:  

Wyre's operating hours are Monday through Friday from 9 am to 6 pm PST. 

Transfers created after hours will be processed next business day as soon as possible (i.e payment submitted on the weekend will be processed first thing on Monday morning). 

All payments are processed Monday through Friday and Sunday afternoons for CNY transfers. No weekends or bank holidays.

Wondering when your transfer will be completed?  

Here is a helpful timeline guide to ensure your transaction goes smoothly!

💰 Cryptocurrency (BTC & ETH): Same Day Delivery
🇨🇳 Chinese Yuan (CNY): Same Day Delivery
🇧🇷 Brazilian Real (BRL): Send by 8 am PST for 1 to 2 Day Delivery
🇲🇽 Mexican Peso (MXN): Send by 4 pm PST for Same Day Delivery
🇺🇸 US Dollar (USD): Send by 12 pm PST for Next Day Delivery

In some cases, payments can be delayed due to bank holidays and weekends. We will always do our best to process your payments as soon as possible.

If there are errors with the recipient bank information, there may be additional delays as we track down the correct information to process the payment successfully.

Have Questions?

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