At Wyre, we're building the bridge to connect the crypto ecosystem to the fiat world. 

To get you up and running to use Wyre's fiat on and off ramps, you'll need to complete these three steps: getting verified, create a payment method, add funds and send money.

1. Getting Verified ✅

When signing up, you'll be asked which type of Wyre account you'd like to open:

  • Individual account
  • Business account

For individual accounts, we'll need personal information such as social security number, date of birth, and registered address. In addition, you'll be asked to submit two types of identification documents:

  1. Photo Identification, this can be a passport, driver's license, or state ID.
  • For a driver's license, we'll need the front and back of your card.
  • Picture of ID must be in color, glare-free, and clear with all 4 corners visible.
  • ID cannot be expired or altered.

2. Source of Funds

  • We'll need to verify your bank details including name on the account, address, account number and routing.
  • If manually entering your bank details, please include all pages, name and address, with nothing covered or redacted.
  • If your bank statement address does not match your Wyre account address, please include a recent PDF of a utility bill as an additional document.

For a business account, you must include the additional items:

  • Company Details, including registration number and tax ID for American companies.
  • Company Identification Documents, like Articles of Incorporation, EIN Document, Certificate of Good Standing or other Proof of Ownership for the company.
  • Identification of Beneficial Owners, including all shareholders with over 25% holdings in the company.

2. Create Payment Method 🏦

Go to Your Account and select Payment Methods.

Creating a payment method allows you to add your own bank account. You will have 2 options for linking your bank account:

  1. Connect Account: This option will ask you to log into your online banking platform to automatically sync your information with Wyre (your banking details will not be shared with Wyre). Direct withdrawals (ACH) are only available through this option.
  2. Manually Enter Details: This option will ask you to enter your bank information manually and upload a recent bank statement matching this account. With this option, you will need to manually wire funds to top up your Wyre account.

Payment methods are reviewed and approved within 24 hours.

3. Add Funds  💸

To Add funds to your Wyre account, you'll need to create a transfer first:

  1. In your Wyre dashboard, click on Add Funds.
  2. Add Funding Source or select an existing bank account.
  3. Select transfer type, Direct Withdrawal (ACH) or Manual Wire Transfer. This step is only available for bank accounts that are linked via bank login credentials.
  4. Enter the deposit amount you'd like to send in.
  5. Review and confirm the transfer details.
  6. If doing a Manual Wire Transfer, we will share our bank information with you so you can initiate the transfer on your end.

As soon as we receive your transfer, we'll credit your Wyre account with the full received amount. This balance will be visible on your dashboard, and you'll be able to use that balance to send payments right away!

4. Send Money  🚀

Before you can send crypto off the platform, you'll need to set up the exchange first.

  • Select the Send Money tab to exchange and transfers funds.
  • Enter the amount that you want to send (e.g. USD to BTC/ETH/WETH/DAI).
  • Under Recipient Field, enter the destination wallet address.
  • Press Send and confirm the transaction details.


Wyre charges a 0.75% service fee to exchange fiat to crypto. To learn more about our fee structure, please visit:

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