In effort to be fully transparent with our users, we've created this article to explain the fees charged through the Wyre widget. 

When making a purchase through the widget, you will see a breakdown of the rate and fees charged before confirming your order.

Exchange Rate

The exchange rate we display is the current rate we offer at the time of your purchase or sell order. Wyre pull rates from multiple exchanges in real time to determine the rate offered.

Wyre Fee

Wyre charges a standard transaction fee for currency exchanges. This fee will vary depending on whether your transaction is being processed via ACH or debit card network. This is the only fee associated with Wyre, there are no other hidden fees.

Network Fee

To ensure that transactions are processed on the blockchain network, outgoing transfers sent to external wallet addresses are charged a "mining" or "network" fee. This fee is paid directly to the miners, Wyre does not profit from sending or receiving any of our supported cryptocurrencies .

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