At Wyre, we're building the bridge to connect the crypto ecosystem to the fiat world. With the Wyre dashboard, you'll be able to easily go from fiat to ethereum and once you're verified and get your compliance token, you'll be able to trade on any of our partner platforms and exchanges.

To get you up and running to use Wyre's fiat on and off ramps, we'll need to complete these three steps: getting verified, creating your payment method, and withdrawing funds.

1. Getting Verified ✅

When signing up, you'll be asked which type of Wyre account you'd like to open:

  • Individual account
  • Business account

For individual accounts, we'll need personal information such as social security number, date of birth, and registered address. In addition, you'll be asked to submit two types of identification documents:

  1. Photo Identification, this can be a passport, driver's license, or state ID.
  • For a driver's license, we'll need the front and back of your card
  • Picture of ID must be in color, glare-free, and clear with all 4 corners visible
  • ID cannot be expired or altered

 2. Source of Funds

  • Details for the bank that will be used to fund, withdraw to, and from your Wyre account
  • Include all pages, name and address, with nothing covered or redacted
  • If your bank statement address does not match your Wyre account address, please include a recent PDF of a utility bill as an additional document

For a business account, you must include the additional items:

  • Company Details, including registration number and tax ID for American companies
  • Company Identification Documents, like Articles of Incorporation, Certificate of Good Standing or other Proof of Ownership for the company.
  • Identification of Beneficial Owners, including all shareholders with over 25% holdings in the company

2. Create your Payment Method 🏦

Go to Your Account and select Payment Methods

Creating a payment method allows your to add your own bank account. You will have 2 options for linking your bank account:

  1. Plaid Integration: this will ask you to log in to your bank details to automatically sync your info with Wyre (your banking details will not be shared with Wyre).
  2. Manually Enter: you can enter your information and you will need to upload your bank statement matching this account.

Note: it usually takes 1 -2 days to get your payment method approved

3. Withdraw Funds 💸

Sending your Crypto & Topping Off Your Wyre account: 

Your unique bitcoin and etheruem Wyre wallet address is stored under Your Account and Payment Method. This is where you can send your crypto assets from your external wallet to your Wyre account.


  • Select the amount that you want to send (e.g. BTC/ETH to USD)
  • Under Recipient Field, select your payment method (your bank account)
  • Press Send and confirm the transaction details

Note: A withdraw normally takes 1 - 2 business days


Wyre charges a 0.75% service fee to exchange fiat to crypto with a 0.0001 miner fee.

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