Increase Limits Request and Tips for Wyre Dashboard accounts

Wyre is committed to not only accompanying its clients through their growth process but working every day to provide them with the tools and resources to help them succeed.

Increasing limits on lines of credit for Wyre customers is part of this group of tools, please read carefully the recommendations listed in this article in order to complete your request in a timely manner.

1️⃣ Tips before filling out the Increase Limit Form:

  • Please note that Wyre does not apply a Limit increase for Card Widget/Wyre Checkout (Metamask, Debit/Credit card purchases).

  • The email submitted must correspond to the email associated with the Wyre account. This will prevent any delays in locating your account.

2️⃣ Increase Limit Form:

  • You will be able to select more than one currency within the form. If your request is related to ACH limit increase, please select the option Other, and indicate “ACH”

  • Use the number format only in the desired amount

  • Please provide as much detail in your answers as requested, this will help expedite your evaluation and approval process.

  • Regarding the support documents, please make sure they are to the most recent date, and is clear and readable. This could delay your process.

  • You will receive a response with our decision through your email within the next 24 hours that we received your request.

3️⃣ Ready to increase your limits:

Please note that this is ONLY for Wyre Business accounts. If you are using our Wyre Checkout product like Metamask to purchase crypto using Debit/Credit card or Apple Pay, this form is not for you.

(we will soon allow higher limits for Wyre Checkout product soon which will be built)


For Business partners only - All the limit increase requests will be processed through this form HERE, and will process in a maximum time of 24 hours.


We hope this information helps you successfully complete your request for a limit increase in your Wyre Dashboard account.


Also please see Current Account Transaction Limits

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