What is Wyre?

Wyre is an exchange that offers crypto to fiat and compliance solutions via API and dashboard.


Wyre is a regulated Money Service Business (MSB) founded in 2013. We are the leading infrastructure provider in crypto, bridging the gap between traditional payment processing and digital assets. 


We value compliance and security, and we recognize the importance of these things as we interact with the fiat world. By leveraging blockchain technology, we are able to build trust in the network.

To further this trust, Wyre is now issuing non-fungible tokens (NFT) to verified users on our platform.


Our Services

Wyre has a portfolio of services offered to individual, business, and enterprise clients. We offer a user-friendly dashboard, an API for crypto exchanges, an API for cross border payments, concierge OTC desk and on-chain compliance solutions.

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For Dashboard Users:

Wyre Dashboard
Buy, hold, exchange and withdraw funds to our supported currencies using our dashboard.

Crypto to Fiat:
Are you looking to withdraw your crypto to your own bank account? Wyre supports BTC, ETH, WETH, and DAI exchanges. We also provide users with deposit wallet addresses so you can easily send in crypto and cash out (and vice versa).

Purchase DAI (Stable Coin):
We have DAI from MakerDAO. Wyre users are able to compliantly exchange fiat currency to DAI and vice versa.

Wyre Compliance Token:
Verified Wyre users will be allowed to opt-in to receive a Wyre ERC-721 compliance token. This token is minted from licensed parties, e.g. Wyre, and applied to a verified user’s Ethereum wallet of choice. The token is similar to the blue checkmark on Twitter and is our first step towards bringing compliance on-chain.


Having this token will allow users to compliantly trade on a growing list of decentralized exchanges (list coming soon!).


For #BUIDL Partners:

On/Off Ramps for Users:
Integrate with Wyre's API to enable fiat on and off ramping between a user bank account and crypto wallets, without third party custody of currency or crypto assets.

Institutional Scale Liquidity
Have the ability to convert large volumes between both crypto and fiat currencies with minimal movement from the market price. No onboarding with five providers, and regurgitating documentation to get access.

AML/KYC Onboarding
Wyre is offering technology and infrastructure to fully onboard and verify users who are interacting with an application. Don't have a compliance team to review accounts? Need licensing in US and Australia jurisdictions? We can help.

Cross Border API payments
Wyre offers a powerful REST API that supports wire transfers, mass international payouts, cryptocurrency wallet management, and virtual banking services for your personal or enterprise needs.


OTC Desk

Wyre OTC provides best in class execution and liquidity for institutional clients.We are connected to dozens of liquidity channels across key regional markets to offer highly competitive pricing. Visit our OTC page to start trading with us.

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