Lost connection to your bank account

Wyre offers two ways to connect your bank account: wire transfer and ACH


ACH payment methods are connected using a service called Plaid. Once your bank account is connected using this method, it can withdraw funds automatically after initiating a transaction. To learn more about how to setup your bank account using ACH, please see here.


There are instances in which your bank account can lose connection. Any of these three situations below can disconnect your bank account:


1. Change in banking credentials

Our system automatically disconnects your bank account after your banking credentials have been changed. This feature is enabled due to security reasons and would help protect your account from unauthorized access.


2. Change in banking MFA settings

Enabling multi-factor authentication—or MFA for short—is among the easiest, most powerful steps you can take to protect your online accounts. Often, it’s as simple as a few clicks in your settings. Our system automatically disconnects your bank account after any changes made in your banking MFA settings. We take account security very seriously and want to ensure your Wyre account is protected. 


3. Connection Issues

Sometimes the connection can go awry and requires your bank account to be re-connected.



How to Reconnect


An email notification is sent when this disconnection occurs. After opening this email, there is a link that is entitled, "Reconnect Bank".


Simply follow this link to re-connect your bank. After your bank account is successfully reconnected, our Compliance Team will review it for approval within 24-48 hours during business days.

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