Refund Policy

Due to the immutable nature of cryptocurrency as a whole, we at Wyre are not able to reverse, cancel, or refund any crypto purchases completed using our services. However, there are still options and things you can do with your newly acquired crypto!

If you purchase crypto and decide that you no longer want or need the asset, or if it was an accidental purchase, you can create a sell transaction within your wallet account. Selling your crypto will convert your assets back into your preferred FIAT currency.

You may also be able to exchange/swap your crypto for other digital assets. Many wallets give you the option to trade certain cryptocurrencies for other crypto coins/tokens or even NFTs. You can check out your wallet account for the options available to you!

Please note: Crypto regularly fluctuates in value, and if a sell transaction is created, your assets may be worth more or less than at the time of purchase.

If a recent purchase attempt failed and you are seeing a charge on your bank/credit card account, you will not be charged! If you happen to see any pending charges after a failed transaction attempt, you can check out the following guide HERE.


Still have questions? Our Support Team would be happy to help you! Contact us HERE.

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