Why Did I Receive an Error Saying My Weekly Limit Was Reached?

When attempting a credit/debit card purchase, you may have encountered a message informing you that your weekly limit was reached. This means that the attempted purchase has exceeded your current purchasing limit.


Currently, card purchases are limited to $500 USD per week for users in the United States, and our international users have a limit of 1000 USD per week. This is a 7-day rolling limit, so when making a purchase, any successful transaction within a 7-day period will count against the purchasing limit.


Note: Fees are included in the 500/1000 weekly purchasing limit.


These purchasing limits are in place to keep our customers safe and secure while making these payments on the blockchain, and if you run into this error message, there are solutions:


  • Wait until seven days have passed since your last successful purchase.
  • Attempt a new purchase for a lower amount to avoid exceeding your purchasing limit.
  • Request to increase your purchasing limits. Click HERE here for more information.
    • At this time, higher limits requests are only available to US users, but rest assured that we’re working to offer all of our customers the option of higher purchasing limits!
  • (If available) Use the ACH/bank transfer payment option.
    • Not all of our partners accept ACH, but you can learn more about available payment methods HERE (add link).


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