How Do I Find My Bank Authorization Code?

When attempting a purchase using Wyre’s services, you may be prompted to enter a 6-digit authorization code in order to approve the purchase. Wyre, along with many banking institutions, are beginning to roll out additional security measures to prevent potential fraud and keep your funds safe. We always want to reassure you that your hard-earned money is in good hands!


Note: Some banks will use 3D Security (3DS) to verify transactions. In this case, you will receive a prompt within your online banking app or a text from your bank that asks if you approve the transaction. If you are responding within the app or via text message, simply respond in the affirmative to confirm that you approve your attempted transaction.


In this guide, we’ll explain how to find this authorization code to let your bank know that it’s you making the purchase, and you can complete your cryptocurrency purchase.


If you are prompted to enter the authorization code, here’s what to do next:


  • Review your bank transactions online. Here, you’ll find an authorization charge that is usually around 10 cents. 
  • On the authorization charge, there will be a 6-digit code. This is a temporary authorization code you will use to approve and complete your purchase, and it will look like this: WYRE-123456
  • Once the purchase passes or fails, the authorization charge will be automatically returned to you, so you won’t have to worry about any erroneous charges!


What if I don’t see my authorization code?

Depending on the banking institution, full transaction descriptions may not be released until the transaction has completed. If this is the case, and you don’t see an authorization charge with the 6-digit code, don’t worry! We recommend that you contact your bank and ask them to check your pending transactions for the 6-digit code to complete your transaction.


Some banks may be unable to provide you with the authorization code, and in this case, you would be unable to complete your transaction at this time. However, your bank will typically be happy to provide you with the full transaction description, including the 6-digit bank code.

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