FAQ: Why Can't My Purchase Be Refunded?

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I purchased crypto with my credit/debit card, but now I’ve changed my mind and don’t want the crypto. Can I get a refund?

Cryptocurrency purchases made with a debit or credit card are nonrefundable. You cannot get a refund once the purchase has been completed.

You can refer to our Refund Policy for further information.


I think I have been scammed and my credit/debit card was used to buy crypto. I see Wyre in my bank statement. Can I get a refund?

Cryptocurrency purchases are immutable and irreversible, and because of this, Wyre is unable to refund or reverse any transactions on our end.

If you have been a victim of a scam, phishing attempt, or information hack, you must reach out to your bank/card provider immediately to report the charge. Your bank/card provider will help you in both prevention and awareness avoiding future situations like this.

Please also contact our Support Team, and we can help you further.


My credit/debit card was stolen. I think it was used on the Wyre payment platform. Can I get a refund?

If your card has been stolen, please contact your local policing authorities along with your bank as soon as possible. While Wyre is unable to refund any card purchases, your bank/credit card company can help you protect your information.


I purchased crypto, but it hasn’t been delivered, so I’d like a refund.

Once a transaction has been completed, it cannot be refunded. Delivery timeframes are different depending on the payment method you used to make your purchase.

If you use a credit or debit card, transactions are typically delivered within a few seconds. However, high network activity on the blockchain can result in delays of several minutes or possibly a few hours. Please let us know if more than 24 hours have passed since you made your transaction.

If you complete a purchase using ACH/bank transfer, your crypto will be delivered within five business days. (Business days do not include weekends or bank holidays.)

For more information on when transactions will be delivered, check out this guide HERE.


I sent my crypto to the wrong wallet address. I can’t get it back, and I need a refund.

Wyre is not responsible for errors in addresses or mistyped information. Once a transaction is complete, the assets cannot be recovered or reversed.

Please ensure that all your information is entered correctly before completing your transaction.


Why was I charged twice? I need to be refunded.

If you see duplicate charges on your credit card or bank statement, there are a few possible scenarios.

  • You may have submitted multiple orders for the same or similar amounts. Be sure to check your purchase history to see if more than one order was recently completed.
  • There may have also been a failed transaction attempt. In the case of a failed transaction, it is very likely that you’ll see a pending charge on your account. However, failed transactions will not be posted or charged to your payment method. Pending charges that come from failed transaction attempts will be removed from your account within a few days.

If neither of these scenarios applies to the multiple charges you are seeing, please reach out to our Support Team via email or live chat, and we will be happy to investigate the charge for you.


My order failed, but I was still charged. I need the charge reversed/refunded.

You will never be charged for an order that failed or was not successfully completed. If you are seeing a charge for a failed order, this is only a pending charge, and it will not go through.
For more information, check out this guide HERE.

Still have questions? Our Support Team would be happy to help you! Contact us HERE.

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