What does this mean?

Starting 9 am June 29, 2018, Alipay will no longer be offered as a payment method on Wyre when adding a contact. We suggest using this interim period to make adjustments before support ends and notifying clients as soon as possible to make the necessary arrangement.

Alipay requests sent before our shutdown date are unaffected and will be processed.

What about my Alipay contacts?

After the shutoff date, any contacts you may have added as an Alipay contact will be greyed out on the platform and will not be available to be selected. 

For future Chinese bank payments, you can re-add your contact and choose bank account as the payment method. If you need help collecting the required bank information, visit our help page here.

Why is this happening?

As Chinese regulations towards wallet apps become more strict, we felt it's best to stick to our most reliable payment method: local bank transfers. This allows us to uphold a consistent level of service as we continue to scale and improve our product.

For help with the changes, our support team is always available for help.

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